ff.md is a custom Shopify store using "Warehouse" theme. It sells pharmaceutical products and has an inventory of ~30.000 products and over 100 physical locations. The initial request from the customer stated that the store must be synchronised with their existing inventory management software already in use and product management must be as automated as possible.

To solve these requirements we developed a custom Shopify app that synchronises the inventory management software's database with the store using APIs. Every time a new product is added in their software, or an existing product is modified, the app will automatically add the information on the shop. 

Price changes and promotions are also handled by the app and can be made in bulk based on products SKU's.

We also developed a custom checkout experience to meet the customer's needs. The requests said that customers should be able to pick between in-store (pharmacy) pick-up or home delivery. Each product can have a different price for each pharmacy location and a different price for home delivery. Also products that require prescriptions are only eligible for home delivery if customers upload a photo of their prescription. 

After a new order is placed, depending on the shipping method, we developed custom automated notifications.

If it is home delivery, an automated email is sent to the warehouse that handles that specific area. The email contains details about the customer, products, quantities and quick actions. The person responsible can cancel any line inside the order, fulfill or cancel the order using the quick actions inside the email message. Once the order is fulfilled using the quick action, the custom app backend handles the carrier integration, requests the shipping and edits the order by adding the tracking number and then sends a notification to the customer with the tracking number added.

If it is an in-store pickup, a similar email message is sent to the pharmacy that should process the order. The same quick actions are available, however once the order is marked as fulfilled, the customer is notified that their order is ready to be picked up.

The store features a custom sorting method for products in collections based on "promoted" product vendors. Products belonging to that vendor are always shown first. This option is also custom developed and automatized using the app.

Another custom feature are the product recommendations. Although Shopify does have a recommended products algorithm that works ok, the customer had some relations between the products to reflect products associated in treatments like the one you are looking at, or are used to treat the same medical condition. These connections and custom recommendations are extracted from the database by the app, stored in metafields for each product and using clever liquid coding skills shown on the storefront.