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// with over 6 years of exclusive shopify development experience, building shops and apps.


// from complex features to simple store setup crafting awesome code snippets

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// from custom solutions for our clients to apps available on the shopify app store, we can help you build your ideas

general services
web apps
api development
page speed optimizations
shopify services
store setup
API integrations
extending base functionality
custom app development
custom themes

// a brand should have no limits in expressing itself

Front end technologies
css / scss / postcss / tailwind
javascript / typescript
react / polaris

// a great UX is made by combining a great attention to details and a balanced performance

backend technologies
php / laravel
node / express
apache / ngnix

// keep up with evolving trends by bringing your ideas to life using out of the box thinking and great technical flexibility

we can assist further
devOps & delivery
technical support

// a great software normally doesn't require high maintenance but if something blows up we are here for you. here are some reviews from our customers