Simple one-product shop with complex needs

  • In-house built application for custom reports 
  • Location check because of limited delivery. We didn't wanted to waste the user's time by letting him to go all the way to the shipping view in the checkout process so we did a location check before he even adds to the cart.
  • Location-based information. All the locations are saved in a table in a custom page and it contains a lot of useful information that we use to inform the user about the delivery date and price. The table can be seen here.
  • The data-table as we call it is a in-house solution for storing information. The data is processed with a custom Liquid snippet and returns specific informations in the required type, a JS object, an inline HTML list, as data attached to an HTML element, or whatever form is needed.
  • Starting from Shopify's new Express theme we tried to keep all the Js code clean and in the same structure, done in pure Js, no jQuery here.